The Fondazione TIM

About us

Founded in 2008 as an expression of the Corporate Social Responsibility strategy of the Telecom Italia Group, the Fondazione TIM is a corporate business foundation involved predominantly in the provision of funds and operating in Italy and in the territories where the Group is institutionally present.
The Foundation aims to promote the culture of digital change and innovation, promoting inte-gration, communication and economic and social growth.

The Fondazione TIM operates:

  • in the social sphere, with educational and welfare initiatives dedicated to the categories and sec-tions of the population that are least protected or are disadvantaged;
  • in the promotion of projects applied to education, instruction and scientific research, through the culture of innovation and social empowerment.

Among the Foundation’s commitments is the safeguarding of Italy’s art-historical and environ-mental heritage through the development of innovative forms and means of fruition and dis-semination of knowledge.

Some examples:


The Fondazione TIM and the Restoration of the Augustus Mausoleum

 The Italian word for “patronage” – mecenatismo – is itself a tribute to Augustus’s age: it derives from Gaius Maecenas, protector of artists and poets, who dedicated his personal fortunes to promoting beauty in the arts.

With its own act of mecenatismo, the Fondazione TIM is committed to returning the Mausoleum of Augustus, one of the most majestic and significant monuments of ancient Rome, to the city of Rome and to the whole community.

The Mausoleum was closed to the public in September 2007 when preliminary archaeological investigations were begun with a view to the realisation of the restoration of piazza Augusto Imperatore square (part of the “Urbs et Civitas” project that won the International Competition launched by the City Council in 2006).

Under the chairmanship of Giuseppe Recchi, the Fondazione TIM approved an important sum for the restoration of the Mausoleum of Augustus: 6 million euros, to which additional funds are earmarked for its promotion. This contribution has proven of crucial importance in enabling the work to be resumed.

“Ours is a Group that puts people in touch with each other, allowing them to communicate”, explains Giuseppe Recchi, “but Fondazione TIM this time has decided to create a dialogue between centuries. The history of the Mausoleum, the often unfortunate events that have beset this monument, the ambitions and hopes of Augustus that cause him to build it, could no longer remain in limbo. We decided to engage in a fruitful partnership with the City’s Sovrintendenza to restore the Mausoleum to Rome and the world. However, the idea of physically restoring it was not sufficient for us: we wanted this opportunity to rethink Augustus’s legacy, the extraordinary long period of peace bearing his name, the first ‘globalisation’ of history. That is why in the Mausoleum project we have not only invested economic resources, but also all of our creativity.”

The goal is to reopen the doors of the Mausoleum in the spring of 2019, fully integrating it into the map of Rome’s unmissable attractions and indeed, by using the best technologies available, making it a real “entrance” for those visiting the city. A city that today still reveals the indelible imprint of Augustus, to anyone who knows how to look for it.

The Fondazione TIM’s Board of Directors thanks councillors Luca Josi and Simona Signoracci, who have put their expertise and creativity at the service of this project.